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Forum guidelines 

Before joining our community, Chronic Connect members must constitute the following chat forum guidelines, which apply to posts, threads, profile information and chats. Breaking these rules will result in removal of the post/comment or suspension of the account.


Remain respectful to other users at all times. Discriminatory or hateful comments and posts will be deleted.

Self advertisement is not permitted - no personal promotion of products and services, no posting URL links to personal websites 


Members must only post links to other websites that are safe and appropriate for other viewers to use. Links leading to cash promotions, advertisements and credits will not be removed.


Protect your privacy - do not post personal information including address, phone number and other contact information, as Chronic Connect will not be responsible for disclosure/leakage of private information. 



Comments and posts including illegal activities or transactions will be deleted.


Do not post copyrighted information without consent and permission to distribute the material. Links and quotes are allowed but the source must be credited.

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